Is your cat having trouble acclimating to its new automatic litter box? Wondering what the best type of litter is for your cat’s new box? Get solutions and suggestions here!


Introducing Your Cat to the Automatic Litter Box

If your cat refuses to use your new litter box and you’re just about ready to ask for a refund, stop! Read this article first and find out how to acclimate your cat to her box. Even shy cats can learn to love their automatic litter boxes.


What’s the Best Cat Litter for Automatic Litter Boxes?

Got a new automatic litter box and don’t know what to fill it with? The right type of litter can actually convince your cat to give the box a try.


Automatic Litter Box Problems

If your automatic litter box stopped working, read this article for some troubleshooting tips.


How to Toilet Train a Cat

Want to swear off litter altogether? Try potty training your cat to “go” in the toilet!


Cat is Urinating Everywhere–Except for in the Litter Box

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