How to Toilet Train a Cat

An automatic litter box takes away the hassle of scooping cat waste–but if you’re ready for something even better, try toilet training your cat! Believe it or not, it’s definitely possible to teach your cat to use the toilet, just like humans do.

How hard is it to toilet train a cat?

Toilet training isn’t for every cat. Stubborn animals or senior cats who are set in their litter-box ways might refuse to even try. You’re most likely to see success if you have a relatively young or curious cat. If your cat transitioned to an automatic how to toilet train a catlitter box quickly, for example, he’ll probably be willing to give toilet training a try.

If you’re wondering “How long does it take to toilet train a cat?,”well, the answer depends completely on your cat. Litter Kwitter, a toilet-training system for cats, says that your cat can learn to use the toilet in 8 weeks or less. Some cats may take many months more, but the wait is worth it!

Cat toilet training has its advantages if you can get your feline friend to give it a try. You won’t need to buy expensive litter, pads, or other waste-removal supplies. You can stop scooping the litter and taking it out to the trash. And perhaps best of all, cat waste odor is virtually eliminated. Once your cat is trained on your toilet at home, he’ll be able to use any toilet, anywhere, without a problem. That’s great news if you take your cat with you on vacation or move to a different house.

Are you convinced yet? You can potty train your cat using an inexpensive DIY method or a kitty toilet-training kit. Here’s a step-by-step guide.


How to Toilet Train a Cat – The Easy Way

1. Set a litter box next to the toilet you want your cat to use. Fill it with fresh, clean litter, but also toss in a scoopful of litter from your cat’s old box. This gets your cat used to the idea of going to the bathroom around the toilet.

2. Raise the litter box up off the floor slightly once your cat has been using it successfully for a few days. Use a thick object, such as phone book, to do this. At first, your cat may be puzzled about the rising litter box. If he seems confused, lift him up into it to encourage him to go in it.

3. Continue raising the litter box up a bit more each day. Keep doing this until the litter box is almost level with the toilet seat. Now your cat should be able to view the toilet seat clearly.

4. Set the litter box on top of the toilet seat itself. If your cat has trouble jumping, you might need to put some objects down to use as to toilet train a cat

5. Once your cat seems comfortable using the litter box at this new height, you’re ready to move into the actual toilet training process. This part will differ depending on whether you bought a training kit or not.

If you have a kit, insert the included plastic litter pan below the toilet seat. The seat should keep the pan in place. If you don’t have a kit, insert a disposable aluminum pan below the seat instead.

6. Fill the pan with flushable litter. Wait for your cat to use the litter box like this a few times until he’s used to the idea.

7. If you’re using a kit, it should have several detachable rings built in. Remove the center ring so the toilet water below is visible. If you’re using the disposable pan method, use a sharp knife to cut a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the pan.

8. Continue monitoring your cat. When he successfully uses the pan with the hole in it, remove another ring or cut a slightly larger hole. Do this slowly; never rush the process. If your cat feels rushed, he might get nervous and go to the bathroom on the floor instead.

9. Keep cutting holes or removing rings until there’s no pan left in the toilet. It can take a few months to reach this point depending on your cat. At this time, your cat will need to stand on the toilet seat to go to the bathroom. If this confuses him, try tossing a handful of flushable litter into the water. This can help the cat connect the toilet with his litter box.


DO: Reward your cat with treats or praise for using the toilet successfully.

DON’T: Punish or yell at your cat for not using the toilet or for taking too long to figure it out. Cats aren’t dogs; you can’t expect them to get toilet trained too fast.

Take away your cat’s old litter box until he’s ready. Even if he’s stopped using it in favor of the toilet, it’s best to leave the old box where it is for a few weeks in case he changes his mind.


Are you interested in buying a cat toilet training kit? You’ve basically got two options: CitiKitty and Litter Kwitter. Click one to read Amazon reviews about it.

About CitiKitty:

CitiKitty promises to toilet train your cat in 5 weeks. It features a plastic litter tray with four detachable rings, and you progress by taking away one ring each week until your cat is fully to toilet train a cat

The kit also comes with a training insert and a small bag of catnip for enticing your cat to use the toilet. It’s designed for cats 3 months and older, multiple cats, large cats, and older cats.

Amazon reviewers say that this kit is messy, but that’s to be expected with any kit, whether you buy it or DIY. Another issue is that once you’ve punched out a ring, you can’t replace it. This can be a problem if your cat wasn’t quite ready to move on to the next step.

Other user reported that their cats urinated easily using this system, but preferred to defecate off the toilet. This behavior can usually be changed over time. It depends on your individual cat’s personality, ability, weight and other factors.

If your cat is very heavy, the plastic tray might not be able to support his weight. One user, however, noted that the tray held up to 20 pounds of weight with little problem.



About Litter Kwitter:how to toilet train a cat

Litter Kwitter claims to toilet train your cat in 8 weeks or less. The kit comes with a four-ring litter tray that should fit most toilets. You also get an instructional training DVD so you can see a live demonstration of the system.

This product is a bit more expensive than CitiKitty, but that’s because it’s made from thicker, more durable plastic. This is the ideal choice if you’ve got a hefty cat.

Perhaps the best feature of Litter Kwitter is that the removable rings are reversible. This means that if you take out a ring, but then find out your cat isn’t ready to move on quite yet, you can put it back where it was. This feature is essential to help your cat train successfully.

One user reviewer stated it can actually take up to a year for a cat to toilet train with this kit. That’s normal for all similar kits.

Click the video below to see Litter Kwitter in action.



No matter what kit you buy or build, you will need some flushable cat litter to fill it with.

One optiohow to toilet train a catn is Better Way Flushable Cat Litter. It’s clumping, flushes easily, and even contains an all-natural cat attractant. The attractant will help convince even reluctant kitties to give the toilet a try.

Another choice is Feline Pine. This absorbent pine litter neutralizes urine odors very effectively. If you love the smell of Christmas trees, try this!how to toilet train a cat

Any type of crystal cat litter will flush fine, too. A couple of these include Nature’s Miracle Easy Care Crystal Litter and Ultra Pet Litter Pearl Micro Crystals.


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