Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

Have you ever left town on vacation and worried about your cat running out of food? If your cat loves to eat, you probably fretted that she’d run out of food in a few days…or maybe even a few hours!

An automatic cat feeder solves that problem. They’re also great for portioning out food if your cat is overweight and eats too much at meals.


What is the Best Automatic Cat Feeder?

Here’s a list of some of the best cat feeders available today. To read more reviews or buy the feeder on Amazon, just click the product name.


Perfect Dinner Voice-Programmable Pet Feeder

This is a pretty impressive cat feeder. Like many feeders, this one has a clear tank, so you can see how much food is left and refill when necessary. The Perfect Dinner works for dogs as well as cats. One user even stated that she used it to feed automatic cat feeder reviewschickens!

Perfect Dinner holds up to 7 pounds of food, which is more than enough to feed a pair of cats for a week or more. It’s got an easy to read LCD display, which comes in handy when you’re trying to program it.The display also shows you cat’s meal sizes, total meals served, number of meals programmed, and the current time.

The Perfect Dinner dispense food at intervals of your choosing. You can set it to dispense a portion as small as 1/8 cup all the way up to 3 cups.

One neat feature is the ability to record your voice and play it back at feeding times. For example, you can have the Perfect Dinner announce feeding time in your own voice. This is very useful if you’ve left your cat alone and she won’t eat due to loneliness or fear.

Cats generally have a tough time getting food out of the machine when it’s locked, but some Amazon reviewers said their cats managed to knock a few pellets down the chute. This is a solid, hefty feeder that’s difficult to knock over.

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Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2

The Crown Majestic V2 combines a cat feeder and detachable water bottle in one machine. If your cat tips over bowls of water, you’ll like this extra touch. This feeder holds up to 4.4 pounds of food and dispense food in portions from 1/4 to 2 automatic cat feeder reviewscups.

The backlit LCD display shows you the amount fed per meal and the current time. The feeder runs on 4 AA batteries or electrical power.

The included water bottle uses a gravity-drip system that dispenses water only as your cat needs it. The bottle drips into an attached spill-proof water bowl.

Like the Perfect Dinner, the Crown Majestic also has a voice-record option. This feeder allows you to record a single voice message for your cat.

Amazon reviewers say that setup is very straightforward. Many comment that the feeder is quiet, so it won’t wake you up at night.

You can only change the feeding portion amount when the feeder is empty, according to one review. Some users also stated that the clear feeding tank comes loose easily if bumped too hard. Unless your cat likes to roughhouse, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

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automatic cat feeder reviewsPetSafe Dog and Cat Food Station

The PetSafe feeder comes in a small, medium, and large model. The small feeder holds 2 pounds of food, the medium holds 4, and the large can hold up to 10. Each model has a clear tank for easy viewing of food reserves.

This is a very basic cat feeder. It’s not electronic, so you don’t need to worry about it running out of batteries during a trip away from home. To use, simply fill the feeder with the desired amount of food. As the cat eats, more food slowly drops down.

The PetSafe feeder cannot be programmed to dispense food in portions or at certain times. If you don’t need those features, though, you can save a bundle by going without them.

Unlike electronic feeders, this one can be sanitized in the dishwasher or soaked in soapy water. It comes with a detachable stainless-steel bowl for easy cleaning.

If you use large cat kibble, it may have some trouble working its way through the dispenser chute. This is fine if you’re home to nudge the feeder and make the food drop. This can be a problem if you’re leaving your house for a few days straight.  To fix the problem, though, just set the feeder on top of a book at an angle. This will help the food come out more easily. If you use small to regular-sized dry food, it should fit with no issues.

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automatic cat feeder reviewsSuper Feeder Csf-3 Automatic Cat Feeder

The Super Feeder Csf-3 is possibly the best automatic cat feeder sold right now. This awesome feeder has all the bells and whistle you could ever want. It holds 4 and 3/4 cups of food, but you can increase the capacity later with an optional 1.5 gallon hopper attachment.

The Super Feeder has some of the most detailed customization options found on any feeder. You can program the machine to dispense food at 8 intervals throughout the day. Like other feeders, you can choose the portion amount dispensed.

This feeder has a built-in digital timer that keeps track of when to feed your cat and how much food to dispense. The timer won’t forget the feeding schedule you programmed even if the power goes out.

One really great feature is the ability to operate the Super Feeder remotely. For example, you can program the feeder to work with any home automation system, even a webcam. You could even possibly control the Super Feeder via a smartphone app. This is a fantastic  option if you plan to feed your cat with the Super Feeder while you’re away.

The Csf-3 model, compared to previous models, has a larger dispenser chute that passes dry food up to 5/8 inch in diameter. For best results, though, Super Feeder recommends using kibble that’s 1/4 inch in diameter or less.

This feeder also has a protective chute cover that’s designed to thwart cats that try to steal food from the dispenser. That’s helpful if portion control is very important for your cat.

The Super Feeder can be placed nearly anywhere in your home, such as below a standard-height coffee table. You can even mount it on the wall.

This feeder runs on electrical power and does not require or use any batteries. This could be problematic if the power goes out in  your home, however.

Super Feeder guarantees you’ll be happy with the product–you get a 1-year warranty that covers material or workmanship defects. Unfortunately, that doesn’t cover damages cause by an overzealous cat who tried to crack the thing open.

Some reviewers say that setup can be slightly confusing. The Super Feeder creators offer an online video to help you with setup, if you need it.

Another very good Super Feeder model is the Csf-SXL.

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PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

Here’s another PetSafe feeder with good reviews. This one is electronic, unlike the previous model. It comes in a 2-meal or a 5-meal model. Each model has separate chambers for each meal. Each chamber holds up to 1 cup of food, and you canautomatic cat feeder reviews choose how much to add. That means you don’t need to program the machine to dispense a certain amount of food.

The timer lets you dispense food in one-hour increments. This model is quite basic, so there’s not much more programming to worry about than that.

The feeding tray is made from rugged plastic, and you can wash it in the dishwasher. It’s tough enough to stand up to biting animals.

The PetSafe makes a whirring noise when it rotates the tray, which may scare cats at first. Only get this feeder if you have time to spend with your cat so you can help her get used to the sound.

Many Amazon reviewers say this is a great feeder, but a few had trouble with their cat figuring out how to rotate the feeding tray themselves to get at the food. This is because the tray does not have a locking mechanism. This only applies to the 5-meal model.

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What to Avoid

Some automatic cat feeders just aren’t worth your time or money.  They break easily or the electronic parts don’t work.

One of these bad feeders is the Animal Planet PETS 101 electronic feeder (click the name to see Amazon reviews). Many reviewers said it either dispensed too little food or not enough. Additionally, the electronic timer did not function correctly.

Another to avoid is the 4 Meals Tray feeder. Users said it was hard to set up and difficult to program. Some users were very happy with it, though. It’s inexpensive for an electronic feeder, so you might like to try your luck with it.