What is the Best Cat Litter Mat?

Most cats feel a need to cover up their waste, and some do that by digging and kicking litter so hard that it flies out of the pan. If your cat is like this, you’re probably frustrated by the mess that perpetually surrounds your cat’s litter pan. Not only is it unpleasant to look at and smell, it’s also very unsanitary. You can resolve this by setting the pan on top of a cat litter mat.

Here are a few of the best cat litter mats available. Click one to visit its Amazon page.


cat litter matPetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

This is currently the best-selling litter mat on Amazon, with over 1,700 ratings for a total 4.5 star review. The Pet Fusion mat is made from soft PVC and is free of vinyl chloride and phthalates. It resists moisture and mildew, which you’ll like if your cat has the occasional “miss” outside of the litter box.

The PetFusion is so soft that cats would rather step on it than jump in and out of the litter box. Anyone with a cat that likes to leap from the litter box knows what a mess they can make, so this is very handy.

You can clean the mat with a sponge or sweep up litter spills with a vacuum. The mat has tiny perforations that help hold spilled litter in place.

The PetFusion mat is available in several neutral colors, including gray, beige, sage and green. You’re sure to find a color that matches any decor.

Amazon reviewers say that the mat is easy to clean and works well at holding litter in place. One issue is that it’s not very resistant to damage from a cat’s sharp claws. This does not affect the mat’s ability to hold litter, though.


Pruven Litter Trap Matcat litter mat

This highly rated mat has a uniquely attractive look. It’s made from a wiry brown rubber material that’s designed to catch 99 percent of litter. The mat accomplishes this with its deeply grooved surface, which most other mats lack. It’s soft, too, so your cat should have no problem stepping on it. Pruven is also made in the USA by 3M, a company known for quality products.

To clean the mat, vacuum it or shake the litter out and back into the pan. The Pruven comes in one of two sizes: 16-by-20 inch or 18-by-24 inch. It’s best to get the larger mat, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

The mat comes rolled up like a tube, so it may have a crease in it when you unravel it. Some Amazon reviewers say that because of the crease, the mat won’t stick to the floor well. Others had no issues with it. The mat also has a powerful plastic smell at first, but it goes away soon after you open and start using it.

LitterTracat litter matp EZ Clean Cat Litter Mat

The LitterTrap is a bit more expensive than other mats, but it’s worth the price. At 30-by-20 inches, it’s larger than other mats, so it’s great if your cat is extra messy. It’s made of double-layered waterproof nylon mesh, which is just what you need if your cat sometimes does his business outside of the box.

When your cat steps on the nylon mat, his paws release litter into the fabric. The litter then sinks to the bottom layer of the mat, so it’s hidden from view and won’t get tracked around. You then simply empty the litter and replace the mat. Amazon reviewers say they only needed to empty the mat every week or two. Most reviewers say that they’ve tried other mats, just to find out that this is the only one that works for them.


Imperial Cat Neat and Tidycat litter mat

The Imperial Cat mat is made from durable, outdoor-style carpeting that’s soft on your cat’s feet. The carpeting repels urine, prevents tracking, and resists fading. It measures 36-by-30 inches, so it’s one of the largest mats available.

Amazon reviewers confirm that the Imperial Cat does stop litter tracking in its…tracks. Even if a cat does urinate on it, it’s easy to clean.

If you use natural cat litter, like pine or cedar chips, this is a good mat for you. It traps natural litters very well, whereas most other mats do not.

One user stated that their cat liked to pee on this mat. If your cat has a tendency to urinate outside of the box, you may want to try a different mat.


LitterMabest litter matid LMC100 Litter Box Carpet

The LMC100 mat comes from LitterMaid, a well-known maker of automatic litter boxes. It’s made of 100-percent latex foam and polypropylene fibers. It measures fairly large at 27-by-33 inches.

This mat has a ridged surface that’s much like the Pruven’s, although the ridges don’t seem as deep. It’s still very effective at capturing litter, despite this.

The mat is designed to work with any LitterMaid automatic litter box, but it works fine with almost any other box brand.

If you must clean the mat, it’s not machine washable, but it cleans up well with a hose or sponge.