Litter Robot LRII Review

Litter Robot LRII review

Does the Litter Robot Really Work?

For cat owners who truly hate cleaning stinky litter boxes, the Litter Robot LRII is a dream come true. After hours of research, this is the litter box I personally chose for my 2-cat household. It’s every bit as good as the hundreds of Amazon reviews say.

Here’s how the Litter Robot works. First, when your cat gets on the entrance step or enters the globe-shaped litter chamber, the box instantly detects his presence. The box then waits for the cat to enter and deposit waste. Within 7 minutes after the cat exits, the litter chamber begins rotating. Waste drops through a slot and into a plastic bag in the drawer below. Clean litter returns to the main chamber to be used again. You never need to see the waste except when it’s time to replace the bag.litter robot lrii review

If you don’t like the box going off automatically, you can set it to the “Off” position. With this option, the box will not rotate the litter chamber unless you push the “Cycle” button. Even if you set the box to the automatic “On” position, you can still rotate it whenever you like by pushing “Cycle.” This is really handy if your cat just went to the bathroom and you’d rather not wait 7 minutes for the box to rotate on its own.

Does the Litter Robot Smell?

The special waste tray virtually eliminates odor. You’ll only smell an odor when there’s waste sitting in the litter chamber. Once the chamber rotates the waste into the tray, though, the smell disappears fast. The tray is large enough to hold waste for up to a week, or maybe even more depending on how many cats use it.

Because of the Litter Robot’s rotating chambers, there’s no wires to get stuck or messy rakes to clean. Some boxes that use a raking mechanism can be difficult to clean, but you won’t need to worry about that here.

litter robot lrii reviewUnlike some other automatic litter boxes, the Litter Robot II allows you to use any brand of clumping litter and any type of bag that fits inside the waste drawer. This feature will help you save tons of money over the years. You won’t need to purchase specialty litter pellets at $20 a pack each month, for example.

When the box runs out of litter, the “Empty” light will turn on so you’ll know it’s time for a refill.

The Litter Robot LRII supports at least up to 3 cats, but it may support more depending on the cat’s ages, weights, feeding habits, and other factors.

This box operates on 12VDC power. It’s completely silent until it runs a waste-cleaning cycle. At that point, it emits a low hum as the globe rotates. A full rotation takes about 60 seconds.

The Litter Robot is available in both black and beige colors. It looks something like a space capsule, but after having it in your home for a few weeks, you’ll get used to its odd shape. And after you see it in action for the first time, you probably won’t care what it looks like! If the shape bugs you, you can also buy an attractive cabinet that conceals the Litter Robot and blends in with your decor. Click here to see the Litter Robot cabinet.

What’s the catch?

This is one automatic litter box that truly has very few problems. For one, if the plastic bag isn’t put into the tray correctly, waste can miss it and fall down into the tray itself, creating a mess. This is not a product defect and can be handled by putting the bag in the right way.

Some cats might be afraid of the odd-shaped box at first, so they may refuse to use it. Most cats will eventually get used to it, however.

Why is the Litter Robot so expensive?

Because this is probably the very best automatic litter box on the market right now. You’re probably wary of spending so much on a litter box–but this one is worth it. I’ve owned one for three years and it still works like it did when it was brand new. Both of my cats have zero problems using it. They were never scared of it, either–mostly curious. If you’re on the fence, get this thing. You won’t regret it.

To learn more or purchase Litter Robot LRII on Amazon, click here.

Optional accessories: Litter Robot Concealer Cabinet, available in walnut or natural color

Click on the video below to watch the Litter Robot in action.



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