Litter Spinner Review

litter spinner reviewThe Litter Spinner Quick Clean litter box has lots going for it–it’s small, doesn’t require electricity or batteries, and works with any type of clumping litter. To eliminate waste after your cat uses the box, just turn the box once. Solid and liquid waste empties into a hidden drawer for fast removal. This product functions similar to the Omega Paw litter box.

The Litter Spinner works well for cats that like to make messes by bolting out of their litter pans. The enclosed design helps prevent litter from flinging out when your cat exits or when the box is turned. It’s also nice for cats that like their privacy, and it helps keep the odor contained, too.

It takes just five minutes to set up the Litter Spinner, and you can have it cleaned and waste removed in under two minutes. If you’re short on space, you’ll enjoy this box. It needs less room to spin and clean than comparable products.

Eco-lovers will like that the Litter Spinner is made from 100% recycled materials. It’s also made in the USA, so you can support American industry with your purchase.litter spinner review

Unlike other litter boxes that come in nothing but beige or white, the Litter Spinner comes in four colors, including green and purple. Tan and black are available if you would like a more subtle look.

What’s the catch?

Some Amazon reviews have reported that the box is difficult to spin. The tray can also catch and be hard to remove.

The Litter Spinner isn’t large, so it might be unsuitable for big cats.

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