Omega Paw Review

omega paw reviewThe Omega Paw Self-Cleaning litter box works similarly compared to the Litter Robot, but it doesn’t rely on a motor or electricity to do the job. Instead, you simply clean the box by rolling it on its side. Cat’s waste falls through the grate and lands in an extra-large scoop. Clean litter ends up back in the box. Just pull out the scoop and dump the waste in the trash, and you’re all done! All said, it takes just 30 seconds to 1 minute to clean.

This box scores big points because it doesn’t require replacement filters, specialty litters, plastic bags or any other materials to use. In a nutshell, it’s a hand-powered Litter Robot. If you wanted a box like the Litter Robot but didn’t care for the price, this is an excellent alternative.

The Omega Paw works best with clumping or silica litters. According to Amazon, it also requires less litter than other boxes, so you’ll save money and waste paw review

The box has a large 9-by-9 opening, so it’s suitable for large cats and multiple-cat homes. As with similar boxes, the Omega Paw can generally handle up to three cats depending on their weight, size, and eating habits. In general, you can go about a week without changing the litter.

If you’ve got allergies or asthma, you’ll like the box’s dust-controlling filter. The filter also helps keep odors at bay, so it’s great for small homes or enclosed spaces. The plastic cover gives cats privacy and controls odors, too.

What’s the catch?

Some users reported a small amount of leaking litter when they rolled the box to clean it. This can be dealt with by placing a plastic mat below the box to catch the litter.

Others mentioned that the clips holding the lid and box together could break, but this would probably only happen if you were rough with it when cleaning.

Some stray clumps can get stuck in the corners of the box. This doesn’t seem to be a frequent problem, however.

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